Child Full Sole Ballet Shoes Flesh (Salmon) or Black


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Jazzies ballet shoes come in flesh (salmon pink) or black with full sole, elastic drawstring and elastic over the instep. Split sole ballet shoes are also available. Genuine soft and durable leather with cotton lining and suede inner sole. Ballet shoes should have a snug fit.

Please check the size chart as these vary from other brands of shoes.

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Black, Flesh (Salmon)


Child US10/AU9, Child US11.5/AU1.0.5, Child US9/AU8, Child US1.5/AU13.5, Child US1/AU13, Child US10.5/AU.5, Child US11/AU10, Child US12.5/AU1.1.5, Child US12/AU11, Child US13.5/AU1.2.5, Child US13/AU12, Child US2.5/AU1.5, Child US2/AU1, Child US3.5/AU2.5, Child US3/AU2, Child US4.5/AU3.5, Child US4/AU3, Child US9.5/AU8.5


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